How to treat a muscle strain?

Muscle strain refers to a situation in which muscles and tendons stretch or tear. It can be caused by falls, sudden strokes, abuse and many other types of injuries. It is important to know how to manage pain and swelling because it can happen at any time. Treatment helps you recover faster and regain your ability to move without pain or discomfort. Here's what you need to do to relieve muscle strain.


It's crucial to not use the strained muscles for several days, especially if the movement worsens the pain. This can weaken your muscles and increase healing time. It is recommended to use the affected muscle again after 2 days without overdoing it. To learn more, please click here top chrono.

Use Ice

Immediately after a muscle rupture, apply ice from the bag and wrap it in a towel to reduce swelling. It's important to keep it on your muscles for at least 20 minutes, every hour the first day and every four hours the next.


To relieve swelling, it is important to wrap the affected muscle with an elastic bandage and not to overtighten the bandage to avoid decreased blood flow.


It is recommended that the injured muscle be elevated and held above the height of the heart as much as possible. Do not massage the injured muscle. Even with anti-inflammatory gels. However, protect it with a pad to reduce impact with other objects. It is recommended to take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Three days after the breakdown, it is important to warm the muscles several times a day to get blood flowing to the area and promote healing. Also, to avoid stiffness and weakness, try not to let your loose muscles rest for long. Do a gentle stretch as soon as possible while working gradually. When returning to normal activity, it is very important to stretch and warm up before doing any physical activity.